Julio Susana

Painter, Sculptor, Musician, Singer, Lyricist
A Prophet in His Own Land 

Susana stands amongst one of the Dominican Republic’s most prominent artists and his work has
 been featured throughout the country’s most important art history books.
Lisbet Férnandez-Viña – Art Critic: Casa Life. Volume 4. 2007 Pages 96-101 


Awards & Appointments Received:  

2007 –  The Museum of the Dominican Man, Santo Domingo, DR names one wings: Temporal Julio Susana

2000 –  Selected work “Proteccion de vida’  included in the Banco Popular Dominicana art collection.

1996 –  Proclamation “500th Anniversary-Dominican Festival” honors Susana and 5 Others for artistic achievements

1995 –  White House commendation from President Bill Clinton for artistic achievements Dec 13, 1985.

1985 –  Awarded 40th Anniversary Peace Medal by the United Nations in New York, NY. Dec 17, 1985.

1984 –  Performs original songs at the United Nations

1977 –  Opens Academy at Museum of Natural History in New York City. Appointed Head Professor of Arts

1975 –  Award for painting XIII Biennial of Visual Art. Dominican Republic

1965 –  Gov’t Appointment as Director of School of Fine Arts at Academia de Bellas Artes, La Vega Real.

1963 –  Award for sculpture XI Biennial of Visual Art. Dominican Republic

1963 –  Appointed Professor at Academia de Bellas Artes in San Francisco de Macoris.

1959 –  Awarded Painter of the Year -11th Biennial Exhibition, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

1955 –  Scholarship to Spain’s Instituto de Cultura Hispánica de Madrid. Studies under master artist Vella Zanetti.


Reviews and Publications:

2009 – Fernando Ureña Rib: …Susana has earned great critical world acclaim where colors give great drama to his pieces with a human essence, where the artist presents his own point of view. The works of this great painter are done in mixed media and oil on canvas. Of note is the emotional state that gives his works a touch of romance that lets run all his talent and imagination and where he lets light plays an important role by giving his works the flavor of the tropics. The Caribbean in his works is always apparent. We are facing one of the great masters of Dominican fine art.    http://buenasiembra.com.ar/arte/articulos/julio-susana-artista-pintor-dominicano-1039.html

2007 – J: World renown Painter from the Dominican Republic, Former Director of APEC University (1978), Public Relations direction National Museum of Modern Art (1981) and past president of the Dominican Artist Association (1992-4). Ureña Rib is a former president of the Dominican Artist Association (CODAP), of AICA, (Association International de Critiques d’ Art) and AIAP (Association International des Artistes Plastiques), both in Paris.

After his great success in Europe and the United States the native painter from the Dominican Republic, Julio Susana, is once again in his home country presenting his work in an individual exhibit in the “Museo De La Familia. For Julio Susana the act of painting is one of communion. He approaches the canvas with reverence, with devotion, as if by doing so he establishes a secret connection with creatures from an ancestral distant past, from a native Olympus where instead of Nymphs or Madonnas we discover legends about indigenous youth captured in actions which are also to some extent, sacred. Such as when a meal is prepared, or a moment of play, or hunt, or rest. Julio Susana reinvents a world that we reach only through imagination. A pastoral world suffused with tenderness and love. Besides painter and sculptor, Julio Susana is a teacher and cultural promoter. He belongs to that generation that bestowed on us Virgilio Mendez, Silvano Lora, Eligio Pichardo, Emmanuel Bello Velardi and many others who were formed under Manolo Pascual and Jose Vela Zanetti.  The work of Julio Susana can rarely be seen as a general vision. Nevertheless, when this does happen, we truly get closer to a paradise we thought we had lost.”  Latin Art Museum Foundation Ureña Rib. http://www.latinartmuseum.com/susana.htm

2007 –  Ivelisse Marrero – Art Critic   “A Prophet in His Land” – Target Magazine.  4th Anniversary Ed #XXIII Oct 2007

 Susanas visual work manifests a psychic field of reality integrated with the kingdom of magic. [He] celebrates the complexity of the web that unites us, which determines the destiny of mortals. The visual result is unsettling, authentic art that transcends time and space and cultural frontiers. Julio Susana has a restless mind and imagination His paintings always include nudes of women with long hands and gentlemen with muscular torsos. His play of colors is always intense and thats why they are so pleasing. Apart from his eternal marriage to painting, he also composes songs, sings, and sculpts. All these disciplines speak of his love for creativity. Ivelisse Marrero

2007 – Joan Lluis Montané – International Art Critic Association Member (Associación Internacional de Críticos de Arte ) The AICA was founded in 1950 to revitalize critical discourse, which suffered under Fascism during  World War II. AICA was initially affiliated with UNESCO as a non-governmental organization.  Currently, there are seventy-two member nations representing more than 4,000 art critics.            “The Dominican painter and muralist, Julio Susana, is interested in women as the center of a discourse that is humanistic in essence, in the sense of connecting with an internal philosophy, which he uses to illuminate the world. His is a world that is conscious of the dynamics of change and the transmutation of essence – an essence that transforms in each moment, but which is composed of particles, atoms, forms, structures, tastes, colors, smells, and in addition, perception and stages of energy. 

The essence of truth is the truth of actual evidence. From there, Susana’s attention is focused on the female figure, turning her into an authentic allegory of everything that is reinvented at each moment. A woman is the center, a cathartic event, a continuous discovery, the basis for a determination to continue on the road started. This is a road that happens, transforms, changes, antecedes and precedes, based on the sensual and based on a vision of commitment and love.  It is the formulation of the human contained in the spiritual. Men, women, human beings make up a composition based on singularities that point to the human in the divine, transmutation, and constant change. 

Julio Susana is a creator who is interested in the grandness of the expression and the formats that amplify the echo of what has been confirmed, given that existence is part of the enigma for which we are here to unravel.  From there, the native creator from the Dominican Republic focuses on the next task, on the determination of change and finding the greatness of spirit in the essential structure, as well as the connotations that vary and intersect in the symbolic.”                                                            The Feminine Essence in the Immortal by Joan Lluis Montané

2000 – Candido Geron – Essay Writer, Poet, Author & Art Critic – Gereon was ambassador to France and Mexico.  Author of twelve books on art

From Encyclopedia of Dominican Visual Arts 1890-2000. Pages 106-109. Publisher: Corripio, Santo Domingo.

“Metaphors are the drama of his works. Between them and the viewer, a communion regardless of their motives, given his human essence and the new consciousness that arises from the point of view of modernity and intellectual culture.” C.Geron

1998 – Virginia Goris – Art Critic :          The feminine images (preferred by the author) contain a preeminent sculptural sensuality in the lines of melancholic bodies.  These are recreated in soft tones and blurred lines in the malleable sensation of the insinuated curves. Thus, light tenuously glides off the speckled surfaces in his playfulness with light and shade, with which he creates strong accents and subtle nuances, giving the trumpet blast with which the artist knows how to gain advantage from the luminous effects on his protagonists.  His figures are affable and beautiful and make up a magnificent composition.”  Review of “From Abstract Art to Modern Composition”.  April 22, 1998.

1984 – Dora Rubiano

 “In his recent work [Susana] has included the subject of landscapes, paintings which evoke a nostalgia for his country, the Dominican Republic.  One of these, Tropical Nude, was inspired by the works of the French painter, Auguste Renoir, by using free tones and the background landscape of the tropics.

Both the earnestness of the soul and a strong pathos are manifested in all aspects of his work, in both color and execution, as well as in subjects.  As an artist who started to paint at a very young age and exhibited his first objective canvases, Susana was already detached from the conventional academics he tested and studied. He intelligently defined his position amid the currents of art with a style that is very grounded in his first studies and which later transcended in a fullness of allegory and ornament his the intent to say something significant to humanity. 

From the first moment, his paintings demonstrated the predominance of the thematic over expressive arts, of narration over the pictorial quality.  But that stage was overcome quickly and the exciting equilibrium of the beautiful formal and conceptually powerful work was established. 

Susanas paintings support the creation of paintings that are singularly endowed with the skill of execution and invention, for which natural forms have a very intense meaning and suggestiveness. The execution of his work, the color and composition, are closely linked to the Baroque and Romantic trends. The colors tend toward expression not imitation, and the human figure remains always present, whether in portraits or landscapes.” La Prensa News,1984, NY


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Colores de la tierra de Julio Susana

Julio Susana rinde tributo a los colores de su tierra

“Colores de mi tierra,” pinta artista Julio Susana

HOY – Julio Susana expone “Los colores de mi tierra” en honor a la naturaleza

La Vida 1

La Vida 2

La Vida 3