Reunión Familiar by Julio Susana ©2008
45”H x 53”W – Oil on Canvas

Julio Susana


“Susana celebrates the complexity of the web that unites us, which determines the destiny of mortals. The visual result is unsettling, authentic art that transcends time and space and cultural frontiers. “  Ivelissse Marrero: TARGET, 2007

Julio Susana stands as one of the Dominican Republic’s most prominent artists. An entire wing in the Museum of the Dominican Man in Santo Domingo is dedicated to his work. Susana’s paintings vividly manifest a field of reality integrated with the kingdom of magic. In his canvases, one sees the symbolism of Diego Rivera and Frida Khalo.

Internationally acclaimed, Susana’s monumental and visionary work exudes an essential vitality that radiates life. The symbolic and the real coexist, bringing an allegorical quality to his chosen cast of characters. Timeless and dreamlike, Susana’s prophetic art creates an indelible impression upon the viewer. Uniquely honored with an award from the White House for remarkable artistic achievements, Susana’s work continues to garner thunderous acclaim and accolades.

A native of La Vega Real, his burgeoning talent was first nurtured at the Academy of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo. Awarded a scholarship at the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Madrid, the gifted young painter soon found doors to the international world swinging open. Julio Susana moved to New York, and his stunning images appeared in dozens of exhibitions over a period of 17 years. He became a Professor of Arts, inspiring students by the brilliance of his vision. Eternally creative, Susana was honored with an exhibit at the United Nations, where he displayed not only his art, but also performed his own original music.

Julio Susana moved from New York to Miami, where he painted and taught for 14 years. He currently lives and paints in Sarasota, Florida. His dramatic canvases continue to be exhibited in NYC, Los Angeles, Palm Desert, Miami, Sarasota, Jackson (Wyoming), Puerto Rico, Spain, and the Dominican Republic.